Ultra-low-power, Open-drain, Single/dual-supply Comparators

  The MAX971 ? MAX974 and MAX981 ? MAX984 single/ dual/quad low-voltage Comparators feature the lowest power consumption available. These micropower devices draw less than 4?A supply current over temperature MAX971 MAX972 MAX981 MAX982 , and include an internal 1.182V ?1% MAX971 MAX973 MAX974 or ?2% MAX981 ? MAX984 Voltage Reference and programmable hysteresis. Ideal for 3V or 5V single-supply applications, these devices operate from a single 2.5V to 11V supply (or ?1.25V to ?5.5V dual supplies), and each comparator?s input voltage ranges from the negative supply rail to within 1.3V of the positive supply. The single MAX971 MAX981 and the dual MAX973 MAX982 MAX983 provide a unique, simple method for adding hysteresis without feedback or complicated equations, simply by using the HYST pin plus two Resistors The MAX971 ? MAX974 and MAX981 ? MAX984 ??s open- drain outputs permit wire-ORed configurations. Thanks to an 11V output range and separate GND pin for the output Transistor MAX971 MAX974 MAX981 MAX984 , these devices are ideal for Level Translators and bipolar to single- ended converters. For similar devices with complementary output stages, see the MAX921 ? MAX924 (1% reference) and the MAX931 ? MAX934 (2% reference).MAX972's datasheet is the same as MAX972
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MAX972 pinout from datasheet
Maxim Integrated Products, Inc.

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