Max6952 4-wire Interfaced, 2.7v To 5.5v, 4-digit 5 X 7 Matrix Led Display Driver

  The MAX6952 is a compact cathode-row display driver that Interfaces microprocessors to 5 ? 7 dot-matrix LED displays through an SPI?-compatible serial Interface The MAX6952 drives up to four digits (140 LEDs). Included on chip are an ASCII 104-character font, mul- tiplex scan circuitry, column and row drivers, and static RAM that stores each digit, as well as font data for 24 user-definable characters. The segment current for the LEDs is set by an internal digit-by-digit digital bright- ness control. The device includes a low-power shutdown mode, seg- ment blinking (synchronized across multiple drivers, if desired), and a test mode that forces all LEDs on. The LED drivers are slew rate limited to reduce EMI For a 2-wire interfaced version, refer to the MAX6953 data sheet. An EV kit is available for the MAX6952.MAX6952's datasheet is the same as MAX6952
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MAX6952 pinout from datasheet
Item: MAX6952
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MAX6952EPL   MAX6952EAXT   MAX6952EAX-T   MAX6952EAX   MAX6952E-D  
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