Smps Controller

  The KA3842AC KA3842AE are fixed PWM Controllers for Off Line and DC to DC converter applications. The internal Circuits include UVLO, low start up current, temperature compensated reference, high gain error amplifier, current sensing Comparator and high current totem pole output for driving a Power MOSFET Also KA3842AC KA3842AE provides low start up current below 0.3mA and short shutdown delay time, typically 100ns. The KA3842AC KA3842AE has a UVLO threshold of 16V on) and 10V(off). The KA3842AC KA3842AE can operate within a 100% duty cycle.KA3842A's datasheet is the same as KA3842A
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KA3842A pinout from datasheet
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KA3842AES   KA3842ACS   KA3842AC   KA3842AE   KA3842AC06  
Fairchild Semiconductor

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