Fan7384 Half-bridge Gate-drive Ic

  The FAN7384 is a monolithic half-bridge gate-drive IC designed for high voltage, high speed driving MOSFETs and IGBTs operating up to +600V. Fairchild?s high-voltage process and common-mode noise canceling technique provide stable operation of high-side drivers under high-dv/dt noise circumstances. An advanced level-shift circuit allows high-side Gate Driver operation up to VS = -9.8V (typical) for VBS =15V. The UVLO Circuits prevent malfunction when VDD and VBS are lower than the specified threshold voltage. Output drivers typically source/sink 250mA 500MA respectively, which is suitable for half-bridge and fullbridge applications in Motor drive systems.FAN7384's datasheet is the same as FAN7384
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FAN7384 pinout from datasheet
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FAN7384MX   FAN7384M  
Fairchild Semiconductor

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