Dual Channel 550ma 1mhz Synchronous Step-up Dc/dc Converter

  The LTC3535 is a dual channel, synchronous, ?xed frequency Step-up DC/DC converter with output disconnect. Extended Battery life in single AA/AAA powered products is realized with a 680mV start-up voltage and operation down to 500mV once started. A switching frequency of 1MHz minimizes solution footprint by allowing the use of tiny, low pro?le Inductors and ceramic Capacitors The current mode PWM design is internally compensated, reducing external parts count. The LTC3535 features Burst Mode operation at light load conditions allowing it to maintain high ef?ciency over a wide range of load. Anti-ring circuitry reduces EMI by damping the Inductor in discontinuous mode. Additional features include a low shutdown current of under 1?A and thermal shutdown. The LTC3535 is housed in a 3mm ? 3mm ? 0.75mm DFN package.LTC3535's datasheet is the same as LTC3535
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LTC3535 pinout from datasheet
Linear Technology Corporation

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