Uhf Ask/fsk Receiver

  The ATA5745 ATA5746 is a UHF ASK/FSK transparent Receiver IC with low power consumption supplied in a small QFN24 package (body 5 mm ? 5 mm, pitch 0.65 mm). ATA5745 is used in the 433 MHz to 435 MHz band of operation, and ATA5746 in 313 MHz to 317 MHz. The IC combines the functionality of remote keyless entry (RKE - typically low bit rate ASK) and tire pressure monitoring (TPM - typically high bit rate FSK) into one Receiver under the control of an external Microcontroller such as an ATMEGA48 (AVR?). For improved image rejection and selectivity, the IF frequency is fixed to 440 kHz. The IF block uses an 8th-order band pass yielding a receive bandwidth of 420 kHz. This enables the use of the Receiver in both SAW- and PLL-based Transmitter systems utilizing various types of data-bit encoding such as pulse width modulation, Manchester modulation, variable pulse modulation, pulse position modulation, and NRZ. Prevailing encryption protocols such as Keeloq? are easily supported due to the receiver?s ability to hold the current data slicer threshold for up to 52 ms when incoming RF telegrams contain a blanking interval. This feature eliminates erroneous noise from appearing on the demodulated data output pin, and simplifies software decoding algorithms. The decoding of the data stream must be carried out by a connected Microcontroller device. Because of the highly integrated design, the only required RF components are for the purpose of Receiver Antenna matching. ATA5745 and ATA5746 support Manchester bit rates of 1 Kbit/s to 10 Kbits/s in ASK and 1 Kbit/s to 20 Kbits/s in FSK mode. The four discrete bit rate passbands are selectable and cover 1.0 Kbit/s to 2.5 Kbits/s, 2.0 Kbits/s to 5.0 Kbits/s, 4.0 Kbits/s to 10.0 Kbits/s, and 8.0 Kbits/s to 10.0 Kbits/s or 20.0ATA5745's datasheet is the same as ATA5745
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ATA5745 pinout from datasheet
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