80 V/1.25 A Peak Current Full Bridge Fet Driver

  The HIP4082 is a medium frequency, medium voltage H-Bridge N-Channel MOSFET Driver IC, available in 16 lead plastic SOIC (N) and DIP packages. Specifically targeted for PWM Motor control and UPS applications, Bridge based designs are made simple and flexible with the HIP4082 H-bridge driver. With operation up to 80V, the device is best suited to applications of moderate power levels. Similar to the HIP4081 it has a flexible input protocol for driving every possible switch combination except those which would cause a shoot-through condition. The HIP4082 s reduced drive current allows smaller packaging and it has a much wider range of programmable dead times (0.1 to 4.5?s) making it ideal for switching frequencies up to 200kHz. The HIP4082 does not contain an internal Charge Pump but does incorporate non-latching level-shift translation control of the upper drive Circuits This set of features and specifications is optimized for applications where size and cost are important. For applications needing higher drive capability the HIP4080A and HIP4081A are recommended.HIP4082's datasheet is the same as HIP4082
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HIP4082 pinout from datasheet
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