Fully Integrated Ballast Control Ic

  The IR21571 is a fully integrated, fully protected 600V Ballast Control IC designed to drive virtually all types of rapid start fluorescent lamp ballasts. Externally programmable features such as preheat time & frequency, ignition ramp characteristics, and running mode operating frequency provide a high degree of flexibility for the ballast design engineer. Comprehensive protection features such as protection from failure of a lamp to strike, filament failures, low dc bus conditions, thermal overload, or lamp failure during normal operation, as well as an automatic restart function, have been included in the design. The heart of this control IC is a variable frequency Oscillator with externally programmable deadtime. Precise control of a 50% duty cycle is accomplished using a T-flip-flop. The IR21571 is available in both 16 pin DIP and 16 pin narrow body SOIC packages.IR21571's datasheet is the same as IR21571S
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IR21571S pinout from datasheet
International Rectifier Corp.

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