Vsb/qam Dtv And Ntsc Atv Demodulator With A/v Decoder

  The AU8522 is a DTV demodulation IC for ATSC, digital cable, and legacy TV applications. Internally, the AU8522 consists of a fully compliant ATSC A/74 8-VSB Demodulator a 64/256 QAM Demodulator a complete NTSC analog TV Demodulator and Video Decoder and a BTSC/A2/FM Audio decoder. The AU8522 directly accepts IF or low IF from the RF tuner section via a 12-bit internal Analog-to-Digital Converter, and following demodulation and error correction, outputs MPEG-2 transport stream. The AU8522 is engineered to utilize Microtune's proprietary demodulation algorithms and adaptive signal- tracking architecture to offer superior Receiver performance. The AU8522 is ideally suited for any DTV or PC-TV system that requires full support for legacy TV broadcast alongside DTV reception.AU8522's datasheet is the same as AU8522
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AU8522 pinout from datasheet
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