Unipolar Stepper Motor

  The EDE1200 Unipolar Stepper Motor IC is a 5 volt, 18 pin package designed to Interface a logic- level input byte to a stepper Motor The EDE1200 is capable of self-clocking in the free-standing 'RUN' mode, as well as external clocking in the 'STEP' mode. In addition, half-stepping and directional control are also available. The TTL-level outputs sequence the stepper drive circuits that consist of standard power Transistors or a Transistor array IC. The EDE1200 features the ability to change the stepping rate while the Motor is stepping and to take an unlimited number of steps in continuous 'RUN' mode. Inputs are TTL/ CMOS compatible.EDE1200's datasheet is the same as EDE1200
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EDE1200 pinout from datasheet
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