TDC-GP21 is next generation‘s upgrade for TDC-GP2. It offers pin-to-pin and functional compatibility, several feature improvements and an extended functionality. Analog elements like a chopper stabilized Comparator and analog Switches simplify external circuits in a signifcant manner. In parallel, measu- rement quality is improved and operating current is reduced. The frepulse generator is extended, a new low-power 32 kHz Oscillator driver is implemented and the temperature measuring unit is further improved. All in all, the TDC-GP21 is perfectly suited to design ultra-compact and low-cost ultrasonic fow meters and heat meters. If the integrated analog elements of the TDC-GP21 are used, the ava- rage operating current of a typical heatmeter application can be reduced to 2.2 µATDC-GP21's datasheet is the same as TDC-GP21
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TDC-GP21 pinout from datasheet
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