Quad Class D Spatial Array

  The LM48901 is a quad Class D amplifier that utilizes Texas Instruments’ proprietary spatial sound processor to create an enhanced sound stage for portable multimedia devices. The Class D output stages feature Texas Instruments’ edge rate control (ERC) PWM architecture that significantly reduces RF emissions while preserving audio quality and efficiency. The LM48901 €™s flexible I2S interface is compatible with stan- dard serial audio interfaces. A stereo differential-input ADC gives the device the ability to process analog stereo audio signals. The LM48901 is configured through an I2C compatible inter- face and is capable of delivering 2.8W/channel of continuous output power into an 4Ω load with less than 10% THD+N. A 2.1 mode pairs two output drivers in parallel, increasing cur- rent drive for 4Ω loads. Output short circuit and thermal overload protection prevent the device from being damaged during fault conditions. Su- perior click and pop suppression eliminates audible transients on power-up/down and during shutdown. The LM48901 is available in space saving microSMD and LLP packages.LM48901's datasheet is the same as LM48901
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LM48901SQX   LM48901SQE   LM48901SQ   LM48901RLX   LM48901RL  
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