Microprocessor Power Management With Watchdog Timer

  The R5104V Series are high voltage tolerance CMOS-based microprocessor Power Management ICs with high accuracy output voltage and detector threshold and with ultra low supply current. Each of these ICs consists of a Voltage Regulator a Voltage Detector and a watchdog Timer Thus, the R5104V Series have the function of a Power Management for microprocessor, a monitor of the voltage of a power source and a microprocessor supervisor. The built-in Voltage Regulator with an external driver Transistor can supply Min.1A current to a system. Therefore these ICs are very suitable for various power supply systems for microprocessors. The output voltage is monitored by the Voltage Detector which is built-in these ICs. The built-in Voltage Detector has an output delay function and the delay time can be set by an external Capacitor (CD). The output voltage and the detector threshold voltage can be set individually for each IC by laser trimming. Furthermore, when a microprocessor works incorrectly, the watchdog Timer which checks over microprocessor generates reset signals intermittently to prevent a whole system from being malfunction. The timeout periods for watchdog and reset can also be set individually by an external Capacitor (CTW). There are two kinds of power down function: "A" version turns off the supervisor of clock input for the watchdog Timer while the "B" version turns off all the Circuits and realizes the standby mode.R5104V's datasheet is the same as R5104V
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R5104V pinout from datasheet
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