Silicon Pin Diodes In Hermetic Surface Mount Package

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CLA4607-107 pinout
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CLA4607-107 pinout,CLA4607-107 pin diagram
Silicon PIN Diodes in Hermetic Surface Mount Package
PIN Diodes for switching and Attenuator applications
Hermetic ceramic package, 1.83 x 1.43 x 1.0 mm
Very low parasitic impedance
Low thermal impedance
Usable as high as 10 GHz
Operating temperature range -55 °C to 150 °C
ESD Class 1B, human body model
Available lead (Pb)-free, RoHS-compliant, and Green MSL-1 @
260 °C per JEDEC J-STD-020
The family of proven silicon PIN Diodes is packaged in a hermetic,
ceramic package. This package offers excellent, very low parasitic
inductance and capacitance for Wide Bandwidth high frequency
operation. It has low thermal impedance and meets fine and gross
leak requirements for excellent reliability. Its small form factor,
1.83 x 1.43 x 1.0 mm, compares favorably to that of the smallest
plastic packages.
This package meets Skyworks definition of Green: it is lead (Pb)-
free, fully complies with current RoHS requirements and contains
no halogens and no antimony (Sb).
for use in switching circuits. The SMP1352-107 can also be used
in Attenuator circuits.
SMP1302-107 and SMP1304-107 offer thicker I layers, making
them ideal for low-distortion Attenuator circuits.
The CLA4607-107 is well suited for limiter applications.
The Diodes available in this package can operate over the tempera-
ture range of -55 °C to 150 °C.
Skyworks Green products are lead (Pb)-free, RoHS
(Restriction of Hazardous Substances)-compliant,
conform to the EIA/EICTA/JEITA Joint Industry Guide
(JIG) Level A guidelines, and are free from antimony
trioxide and brominated flame retardants.
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