Controller Ic For Current Resonant Type Switching Power Supply With Half-bridge Resonance, High Efficiency And Low Noise

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Controller IC for Current Resonant Type Switching Power Supply
with Half-Bridge Resonance, High Efficiency and Low Noise
General Descriptions
The SSC9512 series products are controller ICs, incorporating a floating drive circuit for
half-bridge type resonance. The product achieves high efficiency and low noise power supply
systems by the ZVS and ZCS. The product is recommended for high-efficiency small and
standardized power supplies because of easy circuit designs with few external components.
Soft-Switched Multi-Resonant Zero Current Switch (SMZ)
The zero-current switching (ZSC) and zero-voltage switching (ZVS) of half-bridge type
resonance achieve the high efficiency and low noise systems.
Automatic Dead Time Adjustment Function for Wide Resonant Conditions
Burst-Oscillation Function
The function enables the stable output control at no load to light load conditions and improves
the efficiency.
Soft-Start Function
Brown-In / Brown-Out Function
The function enables the oscillation start /stop by externally rated input voltage and makes protections at low
input voltage.
External Latch Protection (ELP)
The function enables the latch shutdown by external signal.
Various Protections
Overcurrent Protection (OCP)---------------------------------- Auto-Restart
Three-step protections depending on overcurrent status
Overload Protection (OLP) ------------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
Overvoltage Protection (OVP) --------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
External Latch Protection (ELP) ------------------------------- Latch Shutdown
Thermal Shutdown Protection (TSD) ------------------------- Latch Shutdown
Switching Power Supplies for
Digital Consumer Equipment; LCD-TVs, PDP-TVs, etc.,
OA Equipment; Severs, Multi-Function Printers, etc.,
Industry Machines, Communication Devices, Others
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