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photo detector LNA MMIC Angle Sensor Freescale Microcontroller Smoke detector Inductor NTC Thermistor Fuse PWM Shaft Encoder Light Sensor Gate Driver Flyback Converter Frequency Translator Backlight voice synthesizer RF Transformer BLDC Sample Rate Converter audio Selector Power Line Communication Low Noise Regulator ADC Driver Single Supply Wide Bandwidth Real-Time Clock DACs Digital-to-Analog PLL Clock Driver SPDT watchdog Switched Capacitor Voltage Converter Small Signal Darlington Amplifier Transistors CMOS Amplifier CCD Processor CCD 3-Terminal 1A Positive Voltage Regulator Small Signal Diode High Voltage Diode Fixed Gain Amplifiers E2PROM Fan Speed Controller wideband transistor video transistor LDMOS transistor RF front-end Switching Regulator Step-Down Switching Regulator Step-up Switching Regulator Parallel Flash Ballast Control Switching MOSFETs Lamp Driver High Efficient Rectifier VOLUME CONTROLLE DIGITAL TRANSISTOR SAW Filter Remote Controller Resonator POWER RELAY RELAY Photoflash Rectifier Modules VCTCXO CCD Signal Processors Antenna Switch Antenna lamp driv Buck Regulator Precision Resistor Resistor Power Resistor IO Expander Photocoupler Backlight Driver ADSL Fiber Optic Receiver Transceiver Transmitter Transponder Line Protection Data Access Arrangement Power Line ATM Switche Speaker Speech Tone Voice Processor AGC Amplifiers Audio Power Amplifier Audio Amplifier Power Amplifier Buffer Current Feedback Current Sense Amplifier Differential Amplifier High Speed Amplifier Video Amplifier Voltage Feedback Amplifier Current Feedback Amplifier Instrumentation Amplifier Isolation Amplifier Logarithmic Amplifier Low Noise Amplifier Operational Amplifier op Amplifier JFET Amplifier Micropower Amplifier Precision Amplifier Programmable Gain Amplifier Analog Multiplier Comparator Filter EMI Filter Low Pass Filter Programmable Filter Potentiometer Digital Potentiometer Analog Switche Voltage to Current Converter ASIC Automotive Data Conversion ADC Analog to Digital Converter DAC Digital to Analog Converter Data Acquisition Bridge Bridge Rectifier Single Phase Three Phase Bridge Diode Rectifier Array Diode Avalanche Diode Damper Diode Fast Recovery Diode Fast Recovery Rectifier Fast Rectifier High Efficiency Rectifier High Voltage Rectifier Power Diode Protection Diode Recovery Rectifier Rectifier Diode Schottky Barrier Rectifier Schottky Diode Switching Diode Ultra Fast Diode Voltage Reference Voltage Regulator Zener Diode IGBT nsulated Gate Bipolar Transistor IGBT Module Solid State relay SSR Thyristor Diac Phase Control Thyristor Silicon Controlled Rectifier SCR Triac Transistor Bipolar Transistor Audio Transistor Darlington Transistor PNP NPN High Current Transistor High Voltage Transistor Power Transistor Switching transistor JFET MESFET Power MOSFET TVS DSP FPGA CPLD GAL Control Area Network DVI I2C LIN Line Driver LVDS PCI RS-232 RS-485 RS-422 SCSI USB Bus Exchanger Bus Driver Bus Interface Delay Line FIFO Flip-Flop Frequency Divider Gate ND Gate nverters Gate NAND Gate NOR Gate OR Gate Exclusive OR Gate Latche Level Shifter Level Translator Multivibrator Shift Register Schmitt Trigger Translator Memory DRAM SDRAM DDR2 SDRAM SGRAM EPROM Flash AND Flash NAND Flash NOR Flash Serial Flash NVRAM Non-Volatile RAM SRAM Video RAM Microcontroller 32 bit Microcontroller 4 bit Microcontroller 8 bit Microcontroller 16 bit Microcontroller Codec Audio Processor Optoelectronic Laser Diode LED VFD Optocoupler Optoisolator Photosensor Photoconductive Photodiode PIN Photodiode hotointerrupter Phototransistor Power Management AC-DC Converter AC-DC Switching Battery Management Battery Battery Charger Battery Monitoring Battery Protection DC-DC Converter Charge Pump Power Module Step-down Step-up Lighting Controller AC Motor driver Motor Driver DC Motor driver Stepper Motor driver Hot Swap MOSFET Driver Gate Drivers IGBT Driver Power Switche USB Power Switche Power Factor Controller Power Supply Controller PWM Controller Linear Regulator Regulator LDO Regulator High Current Regulator Shunt Regulator Supervisory Circuit Voltage Detector Precision Reference Limiting Amplifier Attenuator Demodulator PIN Diode Varactor Diode Frequency Converter Gain Block Modulator Phase Shifter SPST Switche SPDT Switche Transformer Downconverter Upconverter Fingerprint Sensor Sensor Hall Effect Sensor Humidity Sensor Image Sensor Magnetic Sensor Piezoelectric Sensor Pressure Sensor Proximity Sensor Rotary Sensor Smoke Sensor Temperature Sensor Touch Screen Ultrasonic Sensor Accelerometer Angular Clock and Data Recovery Clock Buffer Clock Generator Clock Synthesizer Crystal Filter Oscillator OCXO TCVCXO TCXO VCO Voltage Controlled Oscillators XO Oscillator Phase locked loop Timer UART Frequency Synthesizer Frequency Transceiver GPS EEPROM RFID Smart Card Chip Resistors CMOS Image Sensor Varistor CCFL Controller DC to AC Converter LCD Driver LED Driver Power over Ethernet Controller Crystals Counter Monostable Multivibrator Bluetooth RF Transceiver RF Receiver RF Transmitter Sample-and-Hold Amplifier Brushless Motor Driver Dual Port RAM Analog Multiplexer +more

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