Transmitter Ask/fsk Transmitter 868/433 Mhz

  The TDK 5110 is a single chip ASK/ Package FSK Transmitter for the frequency bands 868-870 MHz and 433-435 MHz. The IC offers a high level of integration and needs only a few external components. The device contains a fully integrated PLL synthesizer and a high efficiency Power Amplifier to drive a loop Antenna A special circuit design and an unique Power Amplifier design are used to save current consumption and therefore to save Battery life. Additionally features like a power down mode, a low power detect, a selectable crystal Oscillator frequency and a divided clock output are implemented. The IC can be used for both ASK and FSK modulation. s Features fully integrated Frequency Synthesizer VCO without external components high efficiency Power Amplifier typically 10 dBm @ 3 V switchable frequency range 868-870/433-435 MHz ASK/FSK modulation low supply current typ. 13 [email protected] Keyless entry systems Remote control systems s s s s voltage supply range 2.1 - 4 V power down mode low voltage Sensor selectable crystal Oscillator 6.78 MHz/13.56 MHz programmable divided clock output for uC low external component count s s s s s s s Applications s s s s Alarm systems Communication systems Ordering Information Type TDK 5110 available on tape and reel Ordering Code Package P-TSSOP-16 Q67036-A1177 Wireless Components Product Info Specification, October 2002 2 Product
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