Ultra-precision, High-side Current-sense Amplifier

  The MAX9922 MAX9923 ultra-precision, high-side current-sense amplifiers feature ultra-low offset voltage (VOS) of 25uV (max) and laser-trimmed gain accuracy better than 0.5%. The combination of low VOS and highgain accuracy allows precise current measurements even at very small sense voltages. The MAX9922 MAX9923 are capable of both unidirectional and bidirectional operation. For unidirectional operation, connect REF to GND. For bidirectional operation, connect REF to VDD/2. The MAX9922 has adjustable gain set with two external Resistors The MAX9923 T/H/F uses an internal lasertrimmed Resistor for fixed gain of 25V/V, 100V/V, and 250V V, respectively. The devices operate from a +2.85V to +5.5V Single Supply independent of the input common-mode voltage, and draw only 700uA operating supply current and less than 1uA in shutdown. The +1.9V to +28V current-sense input common-mode voltage range makes the MAX9922 MAX9923 ideal for current monitoring in applications where high accuracy, large common-mode measurement range, and minimum full-scale VSENSE voltage is critical. The MAX9922 MAX9923 use a patented spread-spectrum autozeroing technique that constantly measures and cancels the input offset voltage, eliminating drift over time and temperature, and the effect of 1/f noise. This, in conjunction with the indirect current-feedback technique, achieves less than 25uV (max) offset voltage. The MAX9922 MAX9923 are available in a small 10-pin uMAX? package and are specified over the -40?C to +85?C extended temperature range.
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