Radio Control Receiver/decoder

  The LM1872 is a complete RF Receiver decoder for radio control applications The device is well suited for use at either 27 MHz 49 MHz or 72 MHz in controlling various toys or hobby craft such as cars boats tanks trucks robots planes and trains The crystal controlled superhet design offers both good sensitivity and selectivity When operated in conjunction with the companion Transmitter LM1871 it provides four independent information channels Two of these channels are analog pulse width modulated (PWM) types while the other two are simple ON OFF digital channels with 100 mA drive capability Either channel type can be converted to the other form through simple external circuitry such that up to 4 analog or up to 4 digital channels could be created Few external parts are required to complement the self-contained device which includes local Oscillator mixer IF detector AGC sync output drivers and all decoder logic on-chip
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