Adjustable Frequency Current Mode Flyback Dc/dc Controller

  The LTC3805 is a current mode controller for ?yback DC/DC converters designed to drive an N-Channel MOSFET in high input and output voltage converter applications. Operating frequency and slope compensation can be programmed by external Resistors Programmable overcurrent sensing protects the converter from short-circuits. Softstart can be programmed using an external Capacitor and the soft-start Capacitor also programs an automatic restart feature. The LTC3805 provides ?1.5% output voltage accuracy and consumes only 360?A of quiescent current during normal operation and only 40?A during micropower startup. Using a 9.5V internal shunt Regulator the LTC3805 can be powered from a high VIN through a Resistor or it can be powered directly from a low impedance DC voltage of 9V or less. The LTC3805 is available in the 10-lead MSOP package and the 3mm ? 3mm DFN package. LTC3805 - Adjustaable Frequency Current Mode Flyback DC/DC Controller
Linear Technology Corporation
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