Single, Dual, And Quad Micropower, Zero-drift, Rrio Operational Amplifiers

  The ISL28133 ISL28233 are single and dual micropower, zero-drift Operational Amplifiers that are optimized for Single Supply operation from 1.65V to 5.5V. Their low supply current of 18?A and wide input range enable the ISL28133 to be an excellent general purpose op amp for a range of applications. The ISL28133 is ideal for handheld devices that operates off 2 AA or single Li-Ion batteries. The ISL28133 is available in the 5 Ld SOT-23 the 5 Ld SC70 and the 6 Ld 1.6mmx1.6mm ?TDFN packages. All devices operates over the extended temperature range of -40?C to +125?C.
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