Universal-input/58 W Off-line Quasi- Resonant Flyback Switching Regulator

  The Series STR-W6700 includes quasi-resonant topology ICs designed for SMPS power supplies, showing lower EMI noise characteristics - especially at more than 2 MHz - than conventional PWM solutions. They utilize a soft switching to turn on the internal avalanche-guaranteed MOSFET at a close point to ground level (VDS bottom point) through the resonant phenomenon of a primary Inductor and resonant Capacitor The package is a fully molded TO-220 which contains the controller chip and MOSFET, and enables the output power up to 140 W at universal input, or 240 W at 230 VAC input. The bottom-skip function skips the first bottom of VDS and turns on the MOSFET at the second bottom point to minimize increase of operational frequency at light output load, improving system-level efficiency over the entire load condition. Two standby functions reduce the input power at very light output load conditions; one is an auto-burst mode operation internally triggered by sensing on-time, and the other is a manual standby mode that is executed by clamping the secondary output
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