Dual Output Step-up Converter For White Led Backlighting And Oled Display Power Supply

  The EUP2520 is a dual Step-up DC/DC converter, uses a single Inductor and a schottky Diode to provide two outputs. One is designed to drive up to 5 white LEDs with a constant current and the other is to power an organic LED display with a constant voltage. Each output is enabled by individual logic inputs. A single external Resistor is used to set the maximum LED current. The LED current can be adjusted by applying a PWM signal to the EN pin. For higher efficiency the EUP2520 operates with pulse frequency modulation (PFM) control scheme when the sub-display is enabled. When Main display is enabled, the device is operating in PWM mode. Overvoltage protection circuitry and a 1MHz switching frequency allow for the use of small, low cost external components. Additional features include a low-side NFET switch that can turn off the LED string with no DC current path to ground. The EUP2520 is available in a small 12-pin thermally- enchanced TDFN package.
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