Dual, 1mhz, Operational Amplifiers For Commercial Industrial, And Military Applications

  The CA158, CA158A CA258 CA358 CA358A and CA2904 types consist of two independent, high gain, internally frequency compensated operational ampli?ers which are designed speci?cally to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. They may also be operated from split power supplies. The supply current is basically independent of the supply voltage over the recommended voltage range. These devices are particularly useful in Interface Circuits with digital systems and can be operated from the single common 5VDC power supply. They are also intended for transducer ampli?ers, DC Gain Blocks and many other conventional op amp Circuits which can bene?t from the single power supply capability. The CA158, CA158A CA258 CA358 CA358A and CA2904 types are an equivalent to or a replacement for the industry types 158, 158A, 258, 258A, 358, 358A, and CA2904. Technical Data on LM Branded types is identical to the corresponding CA Branded types.
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LM358N   LM358   LM2904N   LM2904   CA358A   CA358   CA2904E   CA2904   CA258   CA158   CA0358M   CA0358E   CA0358AE   CA0258M   CA0258E   CA0158T   CA0158M   CA0158E   CA0158AE  
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