Tda837x Family I?c-bus Controlled Economy Pal/ntsc And Ntsc Tv-processors

  The various versions of the TDA837X series are I 2C-bus controlled single-chip TV processors which are intended to be applied in PAL/NTSC TDA8374 and TDA8375 and NTSC TDA8373 and TDA8377 television Receivers All ICs are available in an SDIP56 package and some versions are also available in a QFP64 package. The ICs are pin compatible so that with one application board NTSC and PAL/NTSC (or multistandard together with the SECAM decoder TDA8395 Receivers can be built. Functionally this IC series is split in to 2 categories: ? Versions intended to be used in economy TV Receivers with all basic functions ? Versions with additional functions such as E-W geometry control, horizontal and vertical zoom function and YUV Interface which are intended for TV Receivers with 110? picture tubes. The various type numbers are given in Table 1. The detailed differences between the various ICs are given in Table 2.
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