Low Power Voltage Controlled Oscillator

  The MC12148 requires an external parallel tank circuit consisting of the Inductor (L) and Capacitor (C). A varactor Diode may be incorporated into the tank circuit to provide a voltage variable input for the Oscillator (VCO). This device may also be used in many other applications requiring a fixed frequency clock. The MC12148 is ideal in applications requiring a local Oscillator Systems include electronic test equipment and digital high?peed telecommunications. The MC12148 is based on the VCO circuit topology of the MC1648. The MC12148 has been realized utilizing Motorola's MOSAIC III advanced bipolar process technology which results in a design which can operate at a much higher frequency than the MC1648 while utilizing half the current. Please consult with the MC1648 data sheet for additional background information. The ECL output circuitry of the MC12148 is not a traditional open emitter output structure and instead has an on?hip termination Resistor with a nominal value of 500 ohms. This facilitates direct ac?oupling of the output signal into a transmission line. Because of this output configuration, an external pull?own Resistor is not required to provide the output with a dc current path. This output is intended to drive one ECL load. If the user needs to fanout the signal, an ECL Buffer such as the MC10EL16 Line Receiver Driver should be used. NOTE: The MC12148 is NOT useable as a crystal Oscillator
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