300-ma, Low-iq, Low-dropout Regulator

  The TLV702xx series of low-dropout (LDO) Linear Regulators are low quiescent current devices with excellent line and load transient performance. These LDOs are designed for power-sensitive applications. A precision bandgap and error amplifier provides overall 2% accuracy. Low output noise, very high power-supply rejection ratio (PSRR), and low-dropout voltage make this series of devices ideal for a wide selection of battery-operated handheld equipment. All device versions have thermal shutdown and current limit for safety. Furthermore, these devices are stable with an effective output capacitance of only 0.1 F. This feature enables the use of cost-effective Capacitors that have higher bias voltages and temperature derating. The devices regulate to specified accuracy with no output load. The TLV702xxP series also provides an active pulldown circuit to quickly discharge the outputs. The TLV702xx series of LDO Linear Regulators are available in SOT23-5 and 1,5mm ? 1,5mm SON-6 packages.
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