Mobile I/o Companion Supporting Keyscan, I/o Expansion Pwm, And Access.bus Host Interface

  1.0 General Description The LM8325-1 GenI/O - Expander and Keypad Controller is a dedicated device to unburden a host processor from scan- ning a matrix-addressed keypad and to provide flexible and general purpose, host programmable input/output functions. Three independent PWM timer outputs are provided for dy- namic LED brightness modulation. It communicates with a host processor through an I2C-com- patible ACCESS.bus serial interface. It can communicate in Standard (100 kHz) - and Fast-Mode (400 kHz) in slave Mode only. All available input/output pins can alternately be used as an input or an output in a keypad matrix or as a host pro- grammable general purpose input or output.
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