Sensitive Scrs

  The UTC X0202 A SCR series is suitable for all applications where the available Gate current is limited, such as ground fault circuit interruptors, overvoltage crowbar protection in low power supplies, capacitive ignition circuit, ??.
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X0202L-T92-R   X0202L-T92-K   X0202L-T92-B   X0202L-AA3-R   X0202AL-T92-R   X0202AL-T92-K   X0202AL-T92-B   X0202AL-AA3-R   X0202A-T92-R   X0202A-T92-K   X0202A-T92-B   X0202A-AA3-R   X0202A   X0202-T92-R   X0202-T92-K   X0202-T92-B   X0202-AA3-R  
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